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Portronics iLUMI, a Portable LED Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker, Color Changing LED Mood Light, 2000mAh Rechargeable Battery, Built-in Mic for Calls, Bluetooth Music from Mobiles (White)

  • [2W crystal rectifier LAMP WITH 3W SPEAKER]- This distinctive crystal rectifier lamp semen Speaker offers 3 adjustable levels of brightness and a intrinsical Wireless Bluetooth speaker to play music type
  • [ONE bit OPERATION]- simply modification brightness levels and crystal rectifier color combos by merely pressing the mesh-top of the lamp semen speaker.
  • The 3W speaker quality is surprisingly soothing & powerful
  • [MULTI COLOR crystal rectifier LIGHTS]- fit your mood by selecting from five color choices during this Multi-Color crystal rectifier lamp with three Brightness Levels.
  • you'll opt for the choice of crystal rectifier flashing to the musical beat
  • [HAND FREE line BLUETOOTH SPEAKER WITH LIGHTS]- you'll take phone calls hands-free on that with its intrinsical Mic and 3W powerful speaker
  • [STURDY, transportable & RECHARGEABLE]- The musical lamp comes with 5V USB reversible battery and is extremely transportable thus you'll take it around and build your evenings special, studies a lot of fun and effective, and electricity cuts a lot of fun
  • 2W Lamp with threeW Speaker:- Get 3 levels of crystal rectifier brightness and Wireless Bluetooth music type your smartphone enjoying during this two-in-one device.
  • MultiColor crystal rectifier with three Brightness Levels:- bit Sensitive Controls allow you to modification your mood with calico LED s by sound the speaker mesh on the highest.
  • Handsfree:- you'll take phone calls hands-free on that with its intrinsical Mic.